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A 100 & 108 Vans and Pickups

The Dodge A100 and 108's were Dodge's second attempt at a compact van, The Route-Van being the first try. The Program for the A series vans and pickups was launched in 1962, by purchasing Ford Econoline vans to experiment with, Dodge designers came up with a design of a superior van and went on with it, making them gain the number one van manufacturer in America for 1964 and remaining so almost until today. For 1965, Dodge made another breakthrough, an optional V8 engine, the LA 273, producing 174 Gross horsepower. 1967 brought in the A108 vans, named after their 108" wheelbase, as opposed to the A100's 90" Wheelbase. The 318 V8 was also introduced into the lineup of engines, replacing the 273 in '67. 1969 was the last year for the pickup, however, the vans remained in production until 1970.