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My Project Truck       

My project truck is a 1959 Fargo D100 Sweptline Pickup. When it is done, it will have a lower stance, fiberglass fenders, a mild 383, Cragar s/s wheels,
and an SS/T stripe job in silver on red.
We achieved the lower stance via a 1979 Dodge Adventurer front frame stub, giving us power steering, power disk brakes and an independent front suspension with parts availability.
The 383 came from a 1964 O.P.P. (Ontario Provincial Police) interceptor car. It has a 0.040" overbore, 906 heads, flat pistons, high performance 1962 383 connecting rods, a 1968 4bbl intake, and a Holley 600 cfm carb, with manual choke. For the wiring harness, we went to the 1979 Dodge again. This gave us electronic ignition, and some other goodies. I'll post the other photos as soon as I can find them on file. The bed has been stripped, repaired and temporarily primed to seal it. Most of the time was spent on repairing the bed sides, around the wheel wells. The front panels have been disassembled, cleaned and repaired. I've taken photos when ever possible. Finally the front fenders, hood, radiator support and front fascia are on, and can be removed as one piece, with 8 bolts and unclipping the wiring harness. Sorry for the delay, but I have been swamped with work and haven't had much time to work on the truck or the site. anyways, the trucks wiring is about 80 % functional. the other 20 is the horns, turn signals brake switch and some other doo-dads. I also just sheered the front end off of my parts truck, and I now have the mounts to hold the fenders in, I have also been able to find out where to get the tail lights for the 59-60 Sweptline trucks, they were also used for indicator lights on the top of the fenders of heavy duty dodges of the time, and they come with one side in red and one in yellow. I am looking for a pair of doors fro my truck, after further inspection, they are too far gone to fix, and the patch panels on previously did not line with the cab shape. any help would be appreciated, if you contact me

Update: August 20th 2002. we've run into a problem, the suspension has far too much positive caster and I have no way of fixing it right now. I plan on replacing the whole frame now with that of a 74-93 pickup, if I can find a short box donor truck. I also have had to direct my attention towards a daily driver, my recently acquired 1988 Dodge Ram D100. it has a 3.9Lv6 and 42RH 4 speed automatic transmission. the truck made it to it's first car show this past weekend quite unintentionally after we were waved in while looking for a parking space. due to this new acquisition, the 59 is going to have to sit on the back burner again, just as I was starting to make progress. I am going to start phasing in information on newer trucks to the site, specifically the current rams and the preceding three generations. this will all happen as I am going to try and revamp the site, that I let fall apart for too long.