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The Pilot House Era
1948-49 The Pilot-House era began in 1948 when Dodge re-styled their trucks after World War II. In 1948 and '49, sales after the war began to wind down, so Dodge gave buyers other reasons to buy a Dodge. Pilot-house Safety was one. The trucks were almost all new from previous years, only the engines and transmissions were carried over. The Pilot house trucks were well-known for their Driver comfort and revolutionary style (sound familiar? 1993, Ram?) Dodge interviewed truck owners to see what they wanted in the new truck, they all wanted comfort in the cab. So Dodge made the cab taller, wider, longer and completely weather proof, they also made easy view through it's now, non-opening windshield. The truck's wheelbase was shortened to 108" over the previous model's 116". The cab was now mounted on rubber mounts to improve occupant comfort, and the seat was now able to hold three men as the truck was now 2.5 inches taller, 6 inches wider, and 3 inches longer.
1949 1/2 ton
1950         The B2 Series
In 1950 the trucks retained the same look as in '48 and '49 but were enhanced physically with many mechanical changes. In the cab, there was a new steering column mounted 3 speed shift lever instead of on the floor, the handbrake was moved to under the dash, off the floor making it uncluttered. A semi automatic transmission making it a Dodge exclusive in trucks, known as  fluid drive, basically, a torque converter bolted to the clutch. A low-side pickup box became standard on all half ton pickups. finally, the G. V. W. was increased from 7,500 lbs to 8,000lbs.
1951             The B3 Series In 1951 Dodge trucks received a front end re-style making them even more pleasing to the public. Also, the new front included a chrome job-rated medallion.
1952  B3 The only changes from '51 to '52 was that the job-rated medallion was painted instead of chromed.
1953  B3

1953 was the last year for the Pilot House Era, however, Dodge chose to improve the trucks in their last year. One addition was to add the "truck-o-matic" transmission, which was a fully automatic transmission for 1/2 and 3/4 ton trucks. Also Dodge introduced a new truck to the line-up, with a 116" wheelbase, it had a 7-1/2 foot bed. Finally, dodge added a new rear fender to all pickups, it had a streamlined look to it.