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The Power Wagon

The Power Wagon began during World War II as Dodge's tough 4x4, but really began after the war as a civilian version. The Power Wagon went from 1946 to 1968, when it ended, without any styling changes.

1949 The Power Wagon changed to a heavy-duty, four speed transmissions, as used on 1-1/2 ton trucks.
1950 Fan blade was upgraded from a 4 blade fan to a 6 blade.
1951 Rubber Insulators were added to mount the cab.
The instrument panel was upgraded to that in the Conventional trucks.
New spark plug covers were added.
1952 B-3-D carburetor and sandwich became standard.
1953 Compression ratio went up from 6.7:1 to 7.0:1.
1954 More Power by increasing compression to 7.25:1, re-designing the manifold, and a new cam.
1956 Change over to a 12 volt system.
1957 A vacuum brake booster became available.
1961 230ci L-6 replaced by 251ci L-6.
1962 Lock out front wheel hubs became available.
1963 1,150 lb front springs were replaced by 1,600 lb springs.
2,500 lb rear springs were replaced by 3,000 lb springs.
1968 Cancellation