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Thanks for choosing to continue with the survey.

here are the questions:

1)    What type of internet connection do you have?

a)    Cable Modem        b)    28.8 Kbs        c)    33.6 Kbps

d)    56 Kbps                e) other

2)    Do you have a preference for a frames or no frames sites?

        Frames        No Frames        Don't Know

3)    What era of trucks are you most interested in? Check up to 3.

        Pre 1947                                         Pilot House Era (1948-53)

        Functional Design Era (1954-56)      Power Giants Era

        Sweptline Era (1961-71)                 Lifestyle Trucks (1972-1993)

        1994-2001                                       Ram Renaissance (2002-?)

        Power Wagons (1947-1968)

4)    We're almost done, here's where I need your input, tell me what I could do to improve the site.