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Dodge, in a rush to stop the 7 year sales drop, decided to base their all new truck on one of their passenger cars. They decided their well selling Dart would be the choice. They began by starting from the ground up, their goal was to have passenger car styling and handling characteristics.
this is what they came up with:

1961 W-100.
This was the first year that the slant six was used, along with the poly-spherical (not LA)318 cid V-8.
This year, the Dart pickup was no more, but the truck stayed the same, with only minute changes, like a new grille.
There were absolutely no styling changes for 1963 because of Dodge's promise to introduce options as soon as they were ready.
For 1964, Dodge introduced an all new truck. The compact A-100 pickup and van were introduced along with the Custom Sport Special. The Custom Sport Special was really a package that could be included on any D100, D200, W100, or W200 in swept line or utiline form. This package included many interior options, chrome grille, and sports car racing stripes. You could order anything from a 225ci slant six, to a 426 Wedge V-8 rated a 365hp. The A-100 pickup and van was Dodge's first attempt at the compact truck market, and hit the nail on the head, they soon took over the lead for the compact truck market.

A-100 pickup.    NEW
For 1965, all Dodge stretched all D100, D200 and W200 wheelbases to 128". The added length meant an 8ft box standard. also new for this year was the tailgate had just one latch in the center. In mid '65 Dodge introduced a new front fascia for the D and W series trucks.
Changes for '66 were minimal, the Custom Sport Special had the 426 removed from the options.
For '67, styling changes were minimal. also a 383ci V-8 was added to the engine options. This was the last year for the Custom Sport Special.

1967 Conventional cab Power Wagon Crew Cab.
In 1968 Dodge re-designed the front fascia of the truck with a new grille, parking lamps, and headlight rims. Although the C. S. S. was discontinued this year, it was replaced by the Adventurer Pickup. Adventurer though, was only available with swept line beds. They were also available with vinyl covered tops.

Adventurer pickup.
For '69, Dodge restyled the hood on the D and W series pickups, by dropping the louvers that dated to 1961. Also, the interior was improved and the instrument panel was re-styled. Dodge also moved the gearshift to the steering wheel after having it on the dash since 1957.
1970 very little changed from 1969. This was also the last year for the A100, van and pickup. The only changes to the D and W series trucks was a new grille. Dodge designers, this year, were the first to have an easy-off tailgate ready for the public, and especially the campers. A new package for 1970 was the Dude package. This package could be added to any swept line D100 and D200. It contained a "C" stripe over the fenders, cab and bed, ending with the Dude Logo and a hat. There is supposed to be a Fargo version of the Dude called the Top Hat Special. Unlike the Dude, the T. H. S. was only available in Canada for 1970, while the Dude was available in 1970 and 1971. If you Know anything about the Top Hat Special, or own own one, PLEASE CONTACT ME OR THE DUDE REGISTRY.

The Dude Package.
This was the last year for the Swept Line Era, so Dodge changed very little. The Swept line Special was introduced as a low price pickup designed to sell for less than the competition.